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Discmania D-Line P2 (Flex2) Micro Chameleon

Discmania is coming back out with their Icon — the P2 — reinvented. For over a decade the P2 has been the gold standard of putters. Discmania took what you've come to love as a standard and took it to a level that is unmatched in disc golf. You are going to love these putters for both throwing and putting. The New P2 has a unique new texture to give you the best grip available on any plastic on any condition. There will also be three different flexes — Soft, Standard & Hard to accommodate all preferences and give you the ultimate choice. These initial releases will all be Flex 2s or Standard flex putters.

Simon Lizotte: ”The P2 has been with me for eight years now. No matter what plastic. No matter for drives, upshots or putts. I put all my trust into these and they give me the confidence I need on the putting green.”

Eagle McMahon: ”I love the P2 because I can depend on it. It’s also a very tried and true putter that delivers results.”

Oskari Vikström: ”The P2 is my choice because it gives a good combination of glide and stability, which allows me to throw it off the tee with confidence.


  • Flight characteristics: 2 / 3 / 0 / 1 (speed / glide / turn / fade)
  • Best choice for: spin putter, headwind putter, all-around putter
  • Please note: stamp may vary

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