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Our Roots




Peace: What we find on the course.

The stresses of life in a concrete jungle abound.  We seek an escape, a place where the buzzing of cell phones cease and the senses sharpen. We find it in something humankind has an innate affinity for... Nature.  The calm stillness of the course subdues our apprehension.  This is where we find our peace. 

Love: For the love of the game.

“A golfer has to learn to enjoy the process of striving to improve.  That process, not the end result, enriches life.” - Bob Rotella

While golf is an individual sport, is not a game that is meant to be played alone. Camaraderie is key in any sport, but in golf, it is often what can propel one to greatness.  We play with friends, while simultaneously playing against them; further strengthening the relationships we have .  Golf is a game that brings people together under one common goal; Win, and the course is your enemy.

Disc Golf: Hiking with a purpose.    

In 1975 the first Disc Golf course was installed in Pasadena Park in Los Angeles County, California by Steady “Ed” Headrick, PDGA# 001.  The sport took a fairly new invention of the frisbee (1957), and combined it with the game of golf by using an individual tree or object as targets to act as the “hole.”  As the game grew, techniques and technologies developed alike turning frisbees into discs and in 1986 the PDGA or Professional Disc Golf Association was born yielding the game a professional organizing body.  

The sport thrives in nature where the contours of the terrain can give  way to a hole. Trees act as edges to the fairway and thus a round of disc golf is simultaneously a walk through a park or possibly a hike through the forest.  The purpose of the hike is disc golf, but what we find in that purpose is so much more. It is the relief of a hectic work day, a way to connect with friends, a weekly competition, or maybe it's just you against yourself in the wilderness;  Whatever the reason, you do it because you love it and because you love it, you keep doing it; that is what Tree Love is all about.




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